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Kai Baar Yunhi Dekha Hai

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Today’s Yet Another Day

Today’s Yet Another Day

A song that I composed recently. This was during a recent trip to California during Fall season when I went out for walk and had these moments of reflection. Hope you will enjoy the song.

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Jugnuon Se Bhar Le Aanchal

This song, originally rendered by Ali Zafar in his private album Huqa Pani has tender melody and lyrics that instantly touches you deep inside. The music sounds very Bengali that I guess you too will feel.

You can hear the song that I recorded in my voice on the links below:



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Deva Shree Ganesha

It was my pleasure to record a devotional song rendered by my very good friend and prolific singer, Rajesh Shinde. As you will observe, it’s a highly energetic and passionate song. He is active in the Marathi community and temple activities. Also, he is in the business of advertisements that encompasses both print and online media. He has also participated in creative jingles with the famous Shankar Mahadevan of Bollywood. You can hear his song on the following links:


Happy Listening!!


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Ye Raatein Ye Mausam

Kajori Dasgupta and I recently recorded this melodious song composed by the late music director Ravi and wonderfully sung by Asha Bhonsale and the late Kishore Kumar. I tried to put in mandolin sounds using my acoustic guitar. You can listen from the links below:

Ye Raatein Ye Mausam Nadi Ka Kinara

Hope you will enjoy listening.

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As much as I heard this song before, it was only recently that I got interested in it to a much greater degree to drive me to prepare the music. One was for a concert that I was supposed to perform with this song and another was a friend of mine who orchestrated the whole song in the picking style of guitar. For those that may not be aware, this song was brilliantly composed by South Indian Maestro Ilayaraja and wonderfully sung by S.P.Balasubramanium. It became a classic song of all times in South India, that combined bit of jazz with traditional South Indian Carnatic music, Spanish guitar, phaser guitar etc. And the famous composer of Bollywood, Bappi Lahiri used some of the tune in his equally famous “Neele Neele Ambar”. It is in Tamil language. They say that when Ilayaraja explained the guitar licks to the session guitarist with great ease, the latter had to struggle to get them. I am no exception and undergoing the same process.

You can hear the song by clicking the link below:


I hope that you will enjoy the song.

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Kahani Mohabbat Ki

A song I recorded recently of a Pop band called Strings that was famous in the 1980’s in Pakistan and recommended by my good friend, Fahad Ahmed. The tune has a pleasant feel and corresponds to the sentiment of the lyrics. It was pleasure to do the arrangements, guitar and Ayesha who added flavor to the chorus. You can click on the link below to hear the song.


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Wonderful land

A Western Instrumental that I recorded recently. This is the kind I grew up listening to. Hope you will enjoy this guitar melody.

It is the music that makes a “Wonderful Land.” You can hear/download from the link below:


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Hona Tha Pyar

When Ayesha Shafi, my good friend and Program Director of Radio Azad, came forward with this song of Atif Aslam and Hadiqa Kyani for me to sing, she had no inkling that I would actually persuade her to sing the lady’s part herself. A couple of takes and she was ready to go like a la Nazia Hassan!! I found the guitar riffs pretty interesting and background strings heavenly to work with. I am sure that you will agree with me when you hear the envelope.
You can listen to this song from the following link:


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Mere Paas Aao -Mr.Natwarlal

It was fun singing this song with Uruj ji and Sangita ji. Please click the link below to hear this song:

Mere Paas Aao-Radio Azad

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